With Early Vote Underway, President Obama and Jacky Rosen Rally Nevadans at UNLV

Watch Rosen and Obama remarks here

Nevada Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Jacky Rosen joined President Barack Obama today to rally Nevadans on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. President Obama reminded voters of everything that’s at stake in this election and the importance of making their voice heard at the ballot box. The early voting period in Nevada continues until Friday, November 2.

President Obama touted Jacky’s commitment to protecting health care for hardworking Nevada families, and he laid out the problem with Sen. Dean Heller’s shift to becoming a rubber stamp who just goes along with President Trump in Washington.

“The current senator, he doesn’t seem willing to stand up to this,” Obama said. “He just goes along. Even when you get a sense he knows it’s not right. But it’s okay, he just goes ahead and goes along.”

“Jacky Rosen’s a good bet,” said Obama. “Jacky Rosen believes that health care is not a privilege for the few, but a right for everybody. You send Jacky to the U.S. Senate, she’s not going to let Republicans gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. You can count on that. She’s not going to let Republicans gut your Medicare to pay for their tax cuts. She’s going to protect your care, period.”

“President Obama was a champion for our state’s hardworking families throughout his two terms in the White House, and he knows how much is at stake in this election,” said Rosen. “This weekend, Senator Heller told President Trump, ‘I think everything you touch turns to gold.’ That doesn’t sound like a Senator for Nevada, it sounds like someone who thinks his number one job is pleasing the President. We need a fighter for Nevada in the Senate, not a lackey for President Trump, and it’s time to make our voices heard by voting early.”