We’re Still Waiting on Heller’s Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Bill He Said He Was “Preparing” Weeks Ago

Earlier this month, Sen. Dean Heller told Bloomberg News that he was “preparing legislation” to extend the federal electric vehicle tax credit—legislation that Congresswoman Jacky Rosen actually helped introduce in the House in June. And it’s now been more than a week since Senators Jeff Merkley and Catherine Cortez Masto introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

… so where is Heller’s bill?

Heller has so far declined to support the electric vehicle bill that his Senate colleagues have introduced. His total lack of action for weeks - after bragging to the press about his leadership on this issue - is a reminder that Heller is a hollow career politician who can’t be trusted to follow through on his promises because he has no problem saying one thing and doing another.

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Republican Senator Dean Heller, who is engaged in a re-election fight with Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen, is preparing legislation that would extend the $7,500 per vehicle federal tax credit that’s stoked demand for electric cars…

Heller said he’s still seeking support for the legislation, but analysts say Republican leaders would be smart to back it to help his re-election effort.


Even if Heller is unable to get electric vehicle tax credit legislation passed before November, it could provide an issue for him to campaign on leading up to the election…

“That tax credit needs to be expanded,” Heller said in an interview.

Rosen, now a Democratic Representative, agrees. She announced in June she was co-sponsoring a House bill by Vermont Democrat Representative Peter Welch, H.R. 6274, that would extend the tax credit as well. That bill has been introduced in the House Ways and Means Committee.