Trump Threatened Heller One Year Ago Today: “Look, He Wants to Remain a Senator, Doesn’t He?” [VIDEO]

On this day last year, President Trump sent a clear threat to Sen. Dean Heller that he needed to toe the party line and support the Republican agenda to repeal the Affordable Care Act… or else.

Here’s what President Trump said, with Sen. Heller sitting right next to him, at that White House meeting: “This one was the one we were worried about. You weren’t there, but you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be. Look, he wants to remain a senator, doesn’t he? And I think the people of your state, which I know very well, I think they’re going to appreciate what you hopefully will do.”

Trump’s threat turned out to be more important than Heller’s promise to protect Nevadans’ health care. Just a week later, Heller was voting to repeal the ACA, strip coverage, and make health care more expensive for Nevadans.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed Trump’s humiliating threat:

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