ROSEN STATEMENT: “This Big Money Fundraiser with President Trump Is Yet Another Payoff For Caving On Health Care And Falling In Line”

Trump is coming back to Las Vegas to reward Senator Spineless with a rally and high-dollar fundraiser

President Trump is getting ready to hold yet another rally tonight and yet another fundraiser tomorrow in Las Vegas to keep rewarding Sen. Dean Heller for breaking his promise to protect Nevadans’ health care and agreeing to “fall in line” with Trump.

Nevada Congresswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen released the following statement on President Trump’s visit to Nevada:

“This big money fundraiser with President Trump is yet another payoff for Senator Heller caving on health care and falling in line. The fact that Senator Heller sold out Nevadans’ health care in exchange for fundraising support from President Trump is everything people hate about career politicians. While Senator Heller supports President Trump’s harmful agenda to take away health care coverage for Nevadans and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, I will continue to put the partisan games aside, stick to my convictions, and fight to protect health care for hardworking Nevada families.”


In June, Heller welcomed Trump to Las Vegas and sat by as he bragged about gutting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and attacked Sen. John McCain’s vote against repeal.

Last year, Heller stood with Nevada’s Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval and promised to oppose the Republican health care plan because it would harm our state. Just a few weeks later in Washington, Heller caved to pressure from Trump and voted for ACA repeal. When former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told Dean Heller to fall in line with Trump or else, Heller went back to Washington a few days later and unveiled a health care plan that would gut health care funding for Nevada, allow insurance companies to charge many older Nevadans thousands more, and slash protections for pre-existing conditions.

Heller, who voted with Trump 96 percent of the time last year and has never voted against a major Trump nominee, has said he has “no reservations” about voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.