Rosen Campaign Raises Nearly $5.1 Million in the First 17 Days of October

With nearly 140,000 donations and an average donation of $36, Jacky Rosen’s pre-general fundraising shows growing grassroots momentum to defeat Dean Heller and flip Nevada’s Senate seat

Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s campaign for U.S. Senate announced today that the campaign will report raising nearly $5.1 million in the pre-general filing period covering October 1 through October 17. In the third quarter, the Rosen campaign raised nearly $7.1 million compared to $2.2 million for the Heller campaign.

Over the course of about two and a half weeks, the Rosen campaign received nearly 140,000 donations. In a sign of grassroots momentum, the average donation in this period was $36 and more than 96 percent of donations to Jacky were $100 or less. Jacky Rosen has built a campaign powered by hundreds of thousands of small-dollar donations from regular people, including donations from every county in Nevada.

By contrast, Sen. Dean Heller’s fundraising, fueled by big money and corporate special interests, slowed down in the most recent quarter. In this 17-day period, the Rosen campaign raised more than the Heller campaign raised in the second and third quarters combined. Rosen has outraised Heller every quarter since she jumped into the race in July 2017. For comparison, Heller reported raising about $387,000 in the same pre-general period in his 2012 race.

“Grassroots support continues to grow for Jacky Rosen’s Senate campaign because she’s proven herself as an independent leader who will put Nevada families ahead of special interests and partisan politics,” said Rosen campaign manager Danny Kazin. “Jacky Rosen’s momentum is building because regular hardworking people are investing in our campaign, while Dean Heller has spent the last month hiding from his constituents and dodging the press. As we enter the final stretch of this race, it’s clear that Dean Heller is a few weeks away from losing his seat.”