NEW DIGITAL AD: President Obama Urges Nevadans To Vote Early for Jacky Rosen

Featuring clips of President Obama from this week’s GOTV rally, new Rosen campaign digital ad encourages Nevada voters to go to to find their nearest polling location

President Obama: “Let’s go vote. Let’s make sure that Jacky is your next Senator.”

Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s campaign for U.S. Senate launched a new 30-second digital video ad this weekend featuring President Obama’s remarks at a recent GOTV rally in Las Vegas. The new ad encourages voters to join President Obama in supporting Jacky Rosen by making a plan and finding their nearest polling location at Voters are able to cast their ballot at any local polling location during early voting, which will continue through Friday, November 2.

“President Obama understands how much is at stake in this midterm election, and that it’s more important than ever for every Nevadan to make their voice heard at the ballot box,” said Rosen for Nevada campaign manager Danny Kazin. “Jacky Rosen is fighting to increase access to health care, improve our schools, and fix our broken immigration system for hardworking Nevada families. That’s why President Obama is encouraging every voter to get to the polls during early vote and elect a Senator who will stand up for what’s right instead of being a rubber stamp for President Trump.”