NEW AD: Rosen Campaign Releases New Spanish-Language TV Ad Touting Jacky’s Strong Record Standing Up for Latinos

Jacky Rosen’s commitment to just wages for workers and protections for Dreamers is the focus of the Rosen campaign’s 7th Spanish-language TV ad of the cycle

Nevada Congresswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen’s campaign launched a new 30-second Spanish-language television ad today highlighting President Trump’s attacks on Jacky Rosen for standing up against his anti-immigrant agenda. “Esa mujer” highlights how Jacky has been working to end Trump’s family separation policy, protect Dreamers, and fight for just wages. This is the Rosen campaign’s seventh Spanish-language TV ad of the cycle.

“While Congresswoman Rosen has the backbone to stand up and fight for the Latino community, Senator Heller is a spineless rubber stamp for President Trump,” said Rosen for Nevada deputy campaign manager Mariela Hernandez. “President Trump has been campaigning for Senator Spineless because, in his own words, he has no better friend in Congress than Dean Heller. Senator Heller has become complicit in Trump’s out-of-touch agenda attacking Dreamers, immigrant families, and fair wages for hardworking families. Nevadans will hold them accountable with their votes.”

While Jacky Rosen has been working to protect Nevada’s Dreamers and raise the minimum wage for workers, Senator Heller voted against bipartisan DACA solutions this year and recently said he wants to abolish the federal minimum wage. Jacky has built a record in Congress as a fierce advocate for immigration reform and workers’ rights.


Narrator: “Donald Trump came to Nevada to insult yet another woman.”

President Trump: “Wacky Jacky.”

Narrator: “Because that woman, Jacky Rosen, had the courage to condemn Trump’s policy separating children from their parents at the border. Jacky is the only candidate for Senate who has stood up to Trump to defend Dreamers. And the only one here in our communities, fighting for just wages. This November, Jacky Rosen is our chance to fight back against to Trump. Vote!”

Jacky Rosen: “I’m Jacky Rosen and I approve this message.”