NEW AD: Dean Heller’s Broken Health Care Promise and Blind Partisanship is the “Wrong Experience” for Nevada

In new ad, Jacky Rosen compares her record of working across party lines for Nevada against Dean Heller becoming totally partisan and breaking his promise to protect our health care

Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s campaign for U.S. Senate launched a new 30-second television ad today comparing her experience of successfully working across the aisle to Republican Sen. Dean Heller’s broken promises and partisan record. In “Wrong Experience,” Jacky highlights her work in Congress to pass bipartisan legislation to address rising health care costs, support middle class tax cuts, and improve veterans’ access to health care. The ad ends with Jacky pointing out that Heller’s partisan politics and broken promises on health care are the “wrong experience” for Nevada.

“If career politician Dean Heller thinks his record of caving to his party leaders in Washington to threaten our health care and hurt our state is the kind of experience Nevadans want in their Senator, he’s in for a rude awakening,” said Rosen for Nevada campaign manager Danny Kazin. “In just her first term in Congress, Jacky Rosen has successfully worked across party lines to do what’s right for Nevada’s veterans and middle class families, and that’s what she’ll continue to do in the Senate.”


  • Heller Voted With Trump 96 Percent Of The Time in 2017. [CQ, Senate Vote Study Scores, 2017]
  • Quorum Analytics Ranked Rosen As The Fifth Most Bipartisan Freshman In The House Of Representatives In 2017. [Quorum, 2018]
  • Rosen Is In The Top 10 Percent Of House Members Who Voted Against Their Party. [ProPublica, Accessed 10/3/18]