Jacky Rosen Clear Winner Of Senate Debate, Holds Dean Heller Accountable For Broken Promises

Jacky Rosen highlighted her record of working across party lines to solve problems, Dean Heller just tried to cover up his record of broken promises in Washington with nasty partisan attacks

In a key moment during the debate, Jacky Rosen spoke on behalf of Reno parents Theresa Bohannan and Briant Gibb, whose son Dean was born with a heart defect and will have a pre-existing medical condition for the rest of his life. Jacky challenged Senator Heller to explain why he supported slashing critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions, putting children like Dean at risk.

In a new 30-second digital video ad that the Rosen campaign launched during the debate, Theresa and Briant explain how they met with Senator Heller in person last year and emphasized how essential pre-existing conditions protections are for their son’s health care. Not long after, Heller broke the promises he made in that meeting and supported repealing the Affordable Care Act and gutting current federal pre-existing conditions protections.

Rosen for Nevada campaign manager Danny Kazin released the following statement after Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s strong performance in tonight’s U.S. Senate debate:

“Senator Heller has been in hiding for weeks, and now we know why. Nevadans were given a clear choice in tonight’s U.S. Senate debate between a career politician bought and paid for by billionaires, party leaders, and special interests, and a bipartisan problem solver who will work with anyone to get things done for hardworking Nevada families. While Senator Heller desperately tried to lie, dodge, and attack his way through this debate, Nevadans saw him for who he is: a spineless rubber stamp for Republicans in Washington. Jacky Rosen held Dean Heller accountable for disappointing Nevadans and touted her own record of standing up for working families, fighting for immigration reform, working to fixing our health care system, and defending protections for Nevadans with pre-existing conditions. Nevadans want a senator who will push partisan games aside and focus first and foremost on improving their lives. This embarrassing, unhinged debate performance showed Nevadans that Dean Heller has morphed into a loyal rubber stamp for the Trump Administration’s reckless policies. This debate reinforced once again why Nevadans will hold Dean Heller accountable for letting them down and elect Jacky Rosen to keep fighting for them.”