Jacky Rosen Meets with Nevadans in Fallon, Yerington, Virginia City, Dayton

On Wednesday, Nevada Congresswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen visited rural communities to hear directly about important issues like reducing prescription drug costs, defending health care protections for pre-existing conditions, rebuilding our infrastructure, and managing wild horse populations.

Rosen began her day with a breakfast roundtable at the Old Post Office in Fallon, and then visited the city of Yerington. In Virginia City, she sat down wild horse advocates to learn more about their concerns and then attended a Storey County meet and greet for Democratic candidates. Jacky wrapped up the day with a rural reception in the evening at the Dayton Valley Community Center hosted by the Lyon County Democratic Party.

“We’re working hard to earn the trust and support of Nevadans across our state, and that starts with listening to their stories and their concerns,” Rosen said. “In communities across Nevada from Fallon to Dayton, there are Nevadans who are fired up and ready to elect a new Senator who will always listen and can be trusted to have the backbone to do what’s right for our state.”