Jacky Rosen Hosts Roundtable Conversation with Latinx Small Business Owners, Attends Carpenters Union Skills Event

Nevada Congresswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen hosted a roundtable conversation with Latinx small business owners and entrepreneurs at the East Las Vegas Community Center to discuss the challenges facing their communities and what’s at stake for them in the upcoming election. The conversation focused on issues such as health care, education, and facilitating community partnerships that improve access to small business resources.

Jacky also attended the Southwest Carpenters Union Local 1977’s Members Skills Event at their training center in Las Vegas, where carpentry and drywall crafts were represented. She saw their impressive skills firsthand and heard from union members about their jobs, their concerns, and how Nevada’s next Senator can help them succeed.

“I always enjoy getting to hear firsthand from union members and small business owners about the issues that affect their livelihoods and what we can do to help build an economy that works for everyone,” said Rosen. “Senator Heller has shown that he’s more interested in cozying up to party leaders and special interests than fighting for working-class families. In the Senate, I will keep listening to workers and entrepreneurs, and I will keep fighting to bolster our schools, expand access to apprenticeships and skills training, increase wages and workplace protections, and help hardworking Nevadans thrive.”