Jacky Rosen Holds Roundtable with Northern Nevada Labor Leaders, Hits Heller’s Agenda Putting Profits over Working Families

Today, Nevada Congresswoman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen held a roundtable at the Northern Nevada Labor Temple in Sparks to talk with local labor leaders about issues like raising the minimum wage, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, and expanding workers’ rights.

Sen. Dean Heller has voted multiple times in Washington against raising the federal minimum wage (which hasn’t been increased in nearly a decade), and he called for abolishing the federal minimum wage earlier this month. Heller has also stated his unequivocal support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose record indicates he will put corporations over hardworking families if he is confirmed to a lifetime appointment.

“Nevada deserves another senator who is committed to standing up for unions and expanding the rights of workers, and I will be that leader who stands with hardworking families,” said Rosen. “While Senator Heller wrote a tax giveaway for corporate CEOs and the ultra-wealthy and pushes for the federal minimum wage to be abolished, I’m fighting to build an economy that levels the playing field and works for regular Nevadans. Whether it’s raising our minimum wage to $15 an hour or passing paid family and medical leave, we need policies that put people over profits, and I look forward to carrying these fights with me to the U.S. Senate.”

“Dean Heller’s record makes it abundantly clear that he cares more about his billionaire donors than working families trying to make ends meet here in Northern Nevada,” said Russ James, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada. “While Senator Heller wants to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who’s on the wrong side of the issues that matter most to unions and working people, Jacky Rosen is fighting hard in Congress to expand our economic security. She’s the voice we need in the U.S. Senate.”