Jacky Rosen, Aaron Ford Tour Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Today, Nevada Congressman and candidate for U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen joined State Senate Majority Leader and candidate for Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford on a tour of Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, the city’s first newly built hospital focused solely on treating patients with behavioral health issues in more than 35 years. The hospital, which opened earlier this year, offers inpatient and outpatient programs for mental health and addiction treatment. Jacky met with hospital staff to discuss health care issues, the opioid crisis, and the importance of covering mental health services and addiction treatment.

Republicans in Washington have been working to expand the availability of short-term junk health insurance plans that exclude coverage protections for pre-existing conditions, do not have to cover essential health benefits, and can impose lifetime and annual limits. According to a recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only half of those short-term plans in Nevada cover mental health benefits, and less than half cover substance abuse treatment and prescription drugs.

“The work this new hospital is doing to serve the Reno community is so important, and it’s a reminder of why we’re fighting for a health care system that protects people and moves Nevada forward,” said Rosen. “We should be working together to expand access to quality, affordable health care - not pushing partisan plans that will spike costs and strip coverage for Nevada families.”

GOP efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act backed by Sen. Dean Heller have threatened to undermine coverage protections for Nevadans suffering from mental health issues, allow states to eliminate mental health care as an essential health benefit for insurance plans on the exchange, and jeopardize access to care for Nevadans receiving treatment for mental illness under Medicaid expansion.