For the Fifth Quarter in a Row, Rosen Outraises Heller

While Heller’s campaign raised less than $2.2 million in Q3, the Rosen campaign’s nearly $7.1 million haul fueled by small donations more than tripled Heller’s fundraising

Sen. Dean Heller’s campaign reported fundraising numbers last night for the third quarter of 2018, making this now the fifth straight quarter where Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s campaign for U.S. Senate has outraised Heller’s struggling re-election effort.

The Rosen campaign brought in nearly $7.1 million in the three-month period from July through September, fueled by small grassroots donations. The Heller campaign raised just $2.19 million in the same period — less than he raised in the previous fundraising quarter and less than one-third of Rosen’s fundraising haul. At the end of September, both campaigns reported essentially the same cash on hand.

Jacky Rosen’s campaign for Senate has received a total of more than 290,000 total donations. More than 95 percent of contributions to the campaign this cycle have been $100 or less, and the campaign’s average contribution is $54. Rosen has built a campaign powered by hundreds of thousands of small-dollar donations from regular people, including donations from every county in Nevada.

“It’s clear in the home stretch of this race that the momentum for Jacky Rosen’s campaign is growing every day, while Dean Heller’s campaign is falling apart and just hoping Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC will drag him across the finish line,” said Rosen campaign manager Danny Kazin. “Hardworking families in Nevada know what’s at stake this election, and they’re tired of Senator Heller’s broken promises and spineless partisan games looking out for himself instead of his constituents.”