Despite Promising Last Year to Protect Planned Parenthood, Heller Just Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood (Again)

It’s the tenth time Heller has voted in Washington to defund Planned Parenthood health centers since 2007

Today, Sen. Dean Heller voted for a failed Republican amendment that would have defunded Planned Parenthood. It’s the tenth time Heller has voted in Washington to defund Planned Parenthood since 2007. Heller’s vote threatened access to vital health care for thousands of women in Nevada who rely on Planned Parenthood for birth control and life-saving health screenings, proving yet again that he cares more about partisan politics than access to affordable health care for his constituents.

Once upon a time - before he was elected to Congress - Heller said unequivocally that he supported a woman’s right to choose. And in Reno last year, Heller even promised to protect Planned Parenthood and said he had no problem with the organization’s federal funding… but then he walked back that promise the very next day.

Rosen for Nevada spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Dean Heller’s 10 votes to defund Planned Parenthood prove that he is dangerous for women’s reproductive rights and the health of our communities in Nevada. With this vote, Senator Heller isn’t just trying to gut an organization that provides thousands of Nevadans with preventive and life-saving care, he’s breaking his promise again to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. Senator Heller is a spineless politician who can’t be trusted to keep his promises, and he will face the consequences at the ballot box in November.”