Day Before the Election, Dean Heller Caught in Yet Another Lie

The Nevada Independent: Reno VA director Heller boasted about firing still employed at agency

On the eve of the election, Sen. Dean Heller was caught in yet another lie. Heller has bragged repeatedly in recent months that he “fired” the former Reno VA director as part of his pitch to Nevada veterans… but it turns out that’s not actually true. Unsurprisingly, “Heller’s campaign didn’t return an email seeking comment” on the story that he lied about the issue.

Here’s what actually happened: “Russell was never actually fired from his job, instead being placed on paid administrative leave before being relocated to Washington, D.C. There, still employed by the V.A., he began working remotely in a job created specifically for him, all while still being paid his old salary of about $150,000 per year, according to federal payment records databases.”

Dean Heller has been caught lying to Nevadans throughout his re-election, desperately saying one thing and doing another on repealing the Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood funding, Medicare cuts, immigration reform, and so many other issues.

Rosen for Nevada spokesperson Miranda van Dijk released the following statement in response to the Heller’s spineless lies:

“The day before the election, Nevada voters just got yet another reminder that Senator Heller’s word is still worth nothing. Senator Heller has no real record to run on after more than a decade in Washington, so he’s resorted to straight up making stuff up on the campaign trail to try to cover up his lack of accomplishments. Over and over again, on issue after issue, Dean Heller has broken his promises and lied to his constituents because he’s more focused on self-serving political games than doing what’s right. Nevadans are tired of dishonest career politicians like Dean Heller, and they’re heading to the polls tomorrow to vote him out of office.”