Statement on Winning Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District

Henderson, NV – Today, Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen released the following statement on her victory in Nevada’s 3rdCongressional District:

“I am humbled by Tuesday’s result. I have lived in Southern Nevada for nearly 40 years, and I have always cared about this community. I never thought I’d run for office, let alone be a candidate for Congress. This past year has been an incredible experience. I want to thank my husband Larry, my daughter Miranda, and my dedicated team of staff and volunteers who poured their hearts into this campaign. I am immensely proud of their support and hard work.

“I also want to thank someone in particular who supported my campaign from the very beginning: our Senator, Harry Reid. Nevada has never had a more effective fighter. Senator Reid supported me throughout this process, in the early days when maybe only my closest friends thought I had a shot. Thank you for believing in me.

“Our government should fundamentally be about the people, your dreams, your hopes, your challenges, and our collective future. For too long, a dysfunctional Congress has forgotten that. In the aftermath of this divisive and often ugly campaign season, I hope that every person elected tonight will remember that behind every problem, there are people back home who are suffering.

“Now, the hard work begins of healing our country. The work of crossing the aisle and finding solutions, rather than retreating into partisan corners. I pledge to begin that work right now. I got into this race to make a difference, not just to hold an office. I can’t wait to take your stories to Washington and fight for you.”