Statement on Paul Ryan Spending Six Minutes to Help Danny Tarkanian’s Panicking Campaign

Henderson, Nev. – After spending last night raising money with House Speaker Paul Ryan in Beverly Hills, Danny Tarkanian – who has been invisible on the campaign trail, avoiding debates and television interviews – just held a six-minute campaign event with Ryan in Las Vegas today. The Republican House Speaker was probably eager to avoid spending too much time in public with the GOP’s scandal-ridden nominee for Congressional District 3, who establishment Republicans spent millions to try to defeat in the primary and who is now on track to lose his record-breaking sixth campaign for political office.

In their quick six-minute event, Paul Ryan and Danny Tarkanian both managed to avoid talking about their continued support for Donald Trump. The videotape of Donald Trump boasting about sexual assault against women wasn’t repulsive enough to shake their endorsements.

“Danny Tarkanian has every reason to be losing sleep over the trajectory of this campaign,” said Rosen campaign manager David Furr. “No photo op or glitzy Beverly Hills fundraiser with Paul Ryan will convince Southern Nevada voters that Danny Tarkanian is anything other than a scandal-ridden failure and Tea Party radical who has lost his moral compass.”