NEW AUDIO: Danny Tarkanian Defends Trump, Says Lewd Tape “Was Supposed to Be Private”

Henderson, Nev. – Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen responded today to Danny Tarkanian defending Donald Trump and his lewd tape bragging about sexually assaulting women because it “was supposed to be private.” In an interview with Kevin Wall on conservative talk radio, Tarkanian also questioned whether Americans even want to talk about how men treat women, then said Hillary Clinton has a “disgusting look” that “turns people off.”

Listen to the interview here.

Since Saturday, while every other prominent Nevada Republican has stepped back from Trump and this disgusting footage, Danny Tarkanian has stayed by Trump’s side. Danny was so afraid of angering his right-wing base of supporters that he actually said his reasons for supporting Trump “haven’t changed.”

“The notion that we shouldn’t be discussing this tape because it was ‘supposed to be private’ shows how far Danny is willing to go to defend Trump’s lewd and inappropriate behavior,” said Rosen. “How you act when nobody’s watching is a true test of character – and when the public wasn’t watching, Trump has been degrading women, boasting about sexually predatory behavior and worse. Decent people know how abhorrent this is. As more and more harrowing stories emerge about Trump’s disgusting conduct towards women, Danny’s blind allegiance to Trump presents a major red flag for voters who already have plenty of reasons to question his moral compass and poor judgment.”


Danny Tarkanian Wanted To “Get Back On Topic” Instead Of Discussing Trump’s 11-Year-Old Access Hollywood Tape “That Was Supposed To Be Private.” During a 2016 radio interview with Kevin Wall, Tarkanian said, “And then we can talk about Hillary Clinton’s 30 years in office, and all the things that she’s done to show that nothing is going to change. And then you get back on topic instead of going after something that was done 11 years ago in a hot mic that was supposed to be private.” [Kevin Wall Radio, 13:10, 10/11/16]

Danny Tarkanian Questioned If Americans Want To Talk About How Men Treat Women. During a 2016 radio interview with Kevin Wall, Tarkanian said, “I make sure [my daughters] understand that a man is supposed to open the car door for them, and they don’t get out of the car, they don’t get out of the car until I open the car door up for them when they get out. I pull the chair out for them. They learn those things. So and that’s the way I treat women, but is that what people in America right now want to talk about?” [Kevin Wall Radio, 6:55, 10/11/16]

Danny Tarkanian Said Hillary Looked “Smug” And “Condescending” At Debate. During a 2016 radio interview with Kevin Wall, Tarkanian said, “She looked smug. She looked condescending. She talked down. I, again, to me it’s the opposite of what I hope to see in our elected officials.” [Kevin Wall Radio, 8:05, 10/11/16]

… And Said Hillary Had A “Disgusting Look … That Turns People Off.” During a 2016 radio interview with Kevin Wall, Tarkanian said, “He didn’t have that smug look, that condescending look, that disgusting look, and I think that turns people off.” [Kevin Wall Radio, 8:25, 10/11/16]