KTNV Las Vegas: DCCC poll: Clinton, Rosen up in swing district

By: Jon Ralston

A poll taken for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee shows Hillary Clinton and Jacky Rosen with leads in Nevada’s swing district.

The survey, taken this week of 458 likely voters and with a 4.5 percent margin of error, shows Clinton up 46-38 over Donald Trump, with Gary Johnson garnering 10 percent of the vote. (Clinton is up 5 in a two-way.)

Rosen is up 40-37 over Danny Tarkanian in Rep. Joe Heck’s district, with the rest going to minor party candidates or undecided voters. (Rosen is up 7 in a two-way.)

The district is close in registration — the Democrats have about a 6,000-voter lead among 362,000 total registered voters. President Obama won the district by 1 point in 2012 and 9 points in 2008.

The poll’s demographics show 39 percent, GOP; 38 percent Democrat. (It’s actually 38-36, Democrat.)

The congressional numbers indicate that the air and mail pummeling of Tarkanian has paid dividends.

The full survey, minus the Senate race results (Question 6), are here.