Jacky Rosen vs. Danny Tarkanian on Gun Safety, Social Security, TPP, Yucca Mountain, Immigration

Henderson, Nev. – Since failed perennial candidate and self-proclaimed Tea Party radical Danny Tarkanian is too afraid to debate his opponent Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen, the Rosen campaign decided to compare their wide-ranging interviews on KNPR this week for Congressional District 3 voters to see the stark differences between the two candidates on gun safety, Social Security, bad trade deals, Yucca Mountain and immigration reform. Listen to Rosen’s full interview here.

While Jacky Rosen said she will support commonsense efforts to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, Danny Tarkanian isn’t interested.

Tarkanian Said “How Can You … Deny Somebody The Right To Carry A Gun” Even If They Are On The No Fly List. During an interview with KNPR, Danny Tarkanian said, “The no fly zone, and again it sounds great, the no fly zone, you don’t want anybody who you suspect, have reasonable suspicion that is a terrorist to have the ability to carry a gun on any of these flights, right? I think everybody would agree with that. The problem is we don’t have any kinds of constitutional protections to show there’s reasonable suspicion, which is guaranteed by our Constitution. You cannot deprive someone of their Second Amendment rights without having their, providing them their constitutional right to be able to have at least a notice of a hearing and the right to respond. So how can you say you can deny somebody the right to carry a gun if you don’t even give them notice and an opportunity to respond, which is what our Constitution says?” [KNPR, 10/26/16] (Audio, 19:53)

While Jacky Rosen has been clear that she will not cut Social Security benefits, Danny Tarkanian doubled down (again) on raising the retirement age for Nevada seniors.

Tarkanian: It’s “Common Sense” That If “Life Expectancy Goes Up, The Eligibility That You Receive Your Social Security Should Go Up.” During an interview with KNPR, Danny Tarkanian said, “I’m talking about people that have time to adjust to it, that are living longer. I’ll you what, imagine how long people that are in their twenties and thirties are going to live past the seventy-eight years we’re talking about now? Common sense tells you that, if our life expectancy goes up, the eligibility that you receive your Social Security should go up.” [KNPR, 10/26/16] (Audio, 18:10)

While Jacky Rosen has been clear that she is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Danny Tarkanian suggested that he’d support TPP.

Tarkanian Said “We Have To Have International Trade Agreements.” During an interview with KNPR, Danny Tarkanian said, “We have to have international trade agreements. TPP, right, is one of them, ok. We have to have ones, but we as the United States have the world’s largest, most powerful, most important economy, and with that we have the most leverage in negotiating these treaties. You said Trump hasn’t been clear with them. What I understand Trump saying, and which I agree with, is we need international treaties, but they should be treaties that benefit us far more than the countries that we’re dealing with because we are the ones providing the vast majority of consumers, and that’s what I’m in favor for. I haven’t gone through the line items of what, read the TPP and the whole treaty there. I can tell you if it’s not favorable to the United States, then it needs to be redone and done something that’s favorable to us. I’m in favor of free trade, but it’s got to be free trade that is that we have the best deals for the United States based upon the leverage that we have because of our economy.” [KNPR, 10/26/16] (Audio, 12:24)

While Jacky Rosen believes Yucca Mountain is a dead issue and wants it to stay that way, Danny Tarkanian wants to ship nuclear waste from all across the country through our backyard.

Tarkanian Supported Turning Yucca Mountain Into A Nuclear “Reprocessing Facility.” During an interview with KNPR, Danny Tarkanian said, “This is what we can do, there’s been over forty, fifty billion dollars by now in money that’s been set aside to develop Yucca Mountain. We should use Yucca Mountain as a reprocessing facility of nuclear spent fuel. […] There are over 100 above-site nuclear sites where they store nuclear spent fuel right now. Most of them are next to major metropolitan areas. You’re talking about the most easily accessible place for a terrorist to commit an act. How about that? Right next to San Diego every time I drive down there, something needs to be done with that. It needs to be done in a safe area. I don’t want to store nuclear spent fuel here in Nevada any more than most people that have lived here their whole lives, but we can solve both problems by just reprocessing that nuclear spent fuel, and we could do it here in Nevada.” [KNPR, 10/26/16] (Audio, 22:25)

While Jacky Rosen supports bipartisan immigration reform with a path to citizenship, Danny Tarkanian reiterated that he is opposed.

Tarkanian: “I Am Not In Favor Of Giving Citizenship” To Undocumented Immigrants. During an interview with KNPR, Danny Tarkanian said, “So that leaves 9 million people that are here in the country with families, working, and have been good residents here in our country. […] I am not in favor of giving citizenship to people that have done it this route because then you are moving them ahead of people that have waited in line the right way, and they would be moving ahead of them.” [KNPR, 10/26/16] (Audio, 7:42)