Jacky Rosen Touts Support for Working Families at Nevada State AFL-CIO

Las Vegas, Nev. – Today, Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District Jacky Rosen addressed the Nevada State AFL-CIO’s 2016 COPE Conference to tell her personal story, explain why she’s running for Congress, and outline her positions on important issues that matter to Southern Nevada’s working families.

Here are several key excerpts from Jacky Rosen’s speech:

On equal pay for equal work:

“There is legislation in Washington to address this issue: The Paycheck Fairness Act. This bill would strengthen every woman’s power to combat pay discrimination in the workplace. But unfortunately, Republican obstruction has stood in the way of this important legislation. Congressman Heck has repeatedly voted to block the bill from moving forward. Michael Roberson, one of my potential opponents in this race, has said that he doesn’t believe pay discrimination against women even exists.”

On raising the minimum wage:

“I believe that everything starts with our economy. We’ve got to invest in growing and attracting good-paying jobs and reforming the rules of the road so that workers are paid fairly and receive proper workplace protections. The first step is fighting to raise the minimum wage. I support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, properly indexing it to the cost of living, and ensuring that tipped workers get parity with hourly workers.”

On bad trade deals:

“Trade is an extremely important part of our economy. I will oppose any bad trade deal that comes before me in Congress, and that would include the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trade legislation must be in the best interest of American workers, particularly our workers here in Southern Nevada. Any legislation that fails to pass that test will not get my vote.”

On retirement security for seniors:

“I have seen first-hand, through my parents and my in-laws, how critical Social Security and Medicare are as a lifeline for our seniors. These aren’t just programs – these are promises. That in this country, growing old doesn’t mean growing poor – that every senior deserves to retire with dignity. I will do everything in my power to fight extreme Republican efforts to undermine these promises through vouchers, cutting benefits, or privatization.”