Jacky Rosen: After Attacks on Gold Star Family, How Can Danny Tarkanian Still Support Trump?

Henderson, Nev. – Today, Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s weekend of attacks and insults against Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a Gold Star family who lost their son in the Iraq War in 2004:

“After Donald Trump spent the weekend denigrating a Gold Star family whose son died for this country, how can Danny Tarkanian still support a man who so shamelessly disrespects the sacrifices of our veterans and military families? This is just the latest episode in Trump’s hateful and unstable behavior, so it’s not surprising that Danny Tarkanian is still joined at the hip with Trump despite this unconscionable attack.”

Jacky lives in Henderson with her husband Larry, who left private practice to work as a radiologist at the Southern Nevada Veterans Affairs hospital for the past decade. Both of their fathers fought proudly in World War II.