Huffington Post: Watch Out for “Outrageous” Danny Tarkanian — Could Be the Next Steve King!

Henderson, Nev. – In a new report on the four most outrageous Republican House candidates competing for open seats, Huffington Post spotlighted self-proclaimed Tea Party radical Danny Tarkanian as an extremist “who sounds like Donald Trump” and “could be the next Steve King.” Congressman Steve King of Iowa has claimed that undocumented immigrants have “calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert” and recently questioned the historical contributions of nonwhite “subgroups” to Western civilization.

HuffPost highlights that Tarkanian is a perennial candidate who has lost four times and has extreme views on women’s health and gun safety. In 2010, Tarkanian was endorsed by the Minutemen and boasted that he was a “tea party radical.”

“Another day, another reminder that Danny Tarkanian is too extreme to represent this common sense district,” said Rosen for Nevada campaign manager David Furr. “Jacky Rosen is a community leader and problem solver who will work across the aisle to get results, while Danny is an ultra-conservative ideologue whose divisive views will be rejected (again) in November. We don’t need another Steve King in Congress.”

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Huffington Post: Watch Out For These 4 Outrageous GOP House Candidates

They could be the next Steve King or Louie Gohmert or Michele Bachmann.

Marina Fang, Associate Politics Editor

A sheriff who threatened to deport his boyfriend. A man who defends the term “legitimate rape.” Another who sounds like Donald Trump. And a woman who said she was Trump before Trump. Meet your GOP hopefuls for the 2016 election.

These congressional candidates have already made names for themselves with their controversial, if not incendiary, comments. If they win in November, they could become the next Steve King or Louie Gohmert or Michele Bachmann.

They’re all running for open seats, and while there isn’t a lot of available polling on their races, all four districts are considered top targets by both parties. So keep an eye on them.


Danny Tarkanian, Nevada

Danny Tarkanian is now running to represent Nevada’s 3rd District, but the businessman (and son of the late UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian) is a perennial candidate, having made four prior attempts at elected office.

As a Senate candidate during the tea party wave of 2010, Tarkanian received the endorsement of the Minutemen, a militia group famous for holding armed, anti-immigrant protests along the border. One of his campaign ads back then boasted that conservative commentator Glenn Beck had called him “a tea party radical.”

Tarkanian has advocated for a ban on abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, and for stripping federal funds from Planned Parenthood. He touts his A rating from the National Rifle Association, declaring, “I oppose any and all efforts to register guns and their owners, and I oppose any and all efforts to restrict the sale or ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens.”

And like GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Tarkanian wants to build a “strong wall” between the U.S. and Mexico and to make “America respected and feared again, no apologies,” according to his campaign website.

The 3rd District is now represented by Republican Joe Heck, who is bidding for retiring Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s seat this year.