Does Danny Agree Trump Didn’t Assault Women Because ‘He’s One of the Handsomest Billionaires’?

Henderson, Nev. – This week, Danny Tarkanian’s fellow Trump supporter here in NevadaWayne Allyn Root said, “I believe Donald Trump is one of the handsomest billionaires that’s ever lived; I don’t think he ever had to grope a single woman ever. I think they threw themselves at him, so it’s all a lie.”

While other Nevada Republicans have backed away from Trump this month, Danny Tarkanian has been proudly proclaiming that he’s sticking with Trump. Danny has also been a strong defender of Trump against the flurry of allegations of sexual assault against him. In a recent interview on conservative talk radio, Danny defended Trump’s lewd tape bragging about sexually assaulting women because it “was supposed to be private” and questioned whether Americans even want to talk about how men treat women.

“Since Danny Tarkanian is cheerleading for Donald Trump just as loudly as Wayne Allyn Root, Danny probably agrees that Trump is just too handsome and too rich to assault women,” said Rosen campaign manager David Furr. “Every day, voters in Southern Nevada are reminded that Danny’s decision to pander to his extreme Tea Party base shows that he is morally bankrupt and doesn’t have the values to represent this district.”