Danny Tarkanian Stands Alone with Donald Trump

Henderson, Nev. – Today, self-proclaimed Tea Party radical Danny Tarkanian doubled down on his support for Donald Trump despite shocking video footage that emerged Friday showing Trump bragging about groping women.

Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen released the following statement:

“This is a defining moment. While his fellow Republicans abandon ship, my extreme opponent Danny Tarkanian now stands alone with Donald Trump. He is the last man in Nevada standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a misogynist who used dangerous and degrading language to brag about assaulting women. Apparently Danny Tarkanian accepts the premise that this is just “locker room banter” and not disqualifying behavior.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that Danny is sticking with Donald — these two have been “joined at the hip” since Trump became the nominee. After Trump attacked a federal judge’s Mexican heritage, Danny said without even hearing the comments that he “firmly supports Trump regardless of what was said.” Danny is the only federal candidate in Southern Nevada who has introduced Donald Trump at rallies. Danny was the only major candidate from our state hyping Trump at the Republican National Convention. Danny has said he looks forward to Trump being victorious and can’t wait to support his policy agenda in Washington.

“I firmly believe Donald Trump is unfit to be President. This shameful response shows that Danny Tarkanian is unfit to represent Southern Nevada in Congress.”