Danny Tarkanian — “‘He Will Help’ in California”

Henderson, Nev. – Instead of campaigning in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District in southern Clark County, Danny Tarkanian – who has been invisible on the campaign trail here, avoiding debates and television interviews in recent weeks – is spending an awful lot of time talking to his supporters and local media in Fresno, California about the issues that matter to them. A new article in the Fresno Bee detailing Danny’s “rocky political road” after so many failed bids for office is also a reminder that Danny doesn’t actually live in CD3 and previously ran for another seat in Congress.

While fundraising with his friends in Fresno, Danny made sure to talk about the issues that are important to Fresno voters, like their water challenges. It’s hard to imagine how Danny plans to put Southern Nevada first in Congress when he’s talking about issues that matter to residents of Fresno just weeks before Election Day.

And to top it all off, Danny is raising money tonight with House Speaker Paul Ryan in Beverly Hills!

“Southern Nevada voters already had plenty of reason to question whether Danny Tarkanian was running for Congress to satisfy his own personal ambitions rather than serving this community,” said Rosen campaign manager David Furr. “Last I checked, Fresno is hundreds of miles from Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, and voters here aren’t electing a representative to help California. Jacky Rosen has lived in Southern Nevada for nearly 40 years and she will always make this community her number one priority in Congress.”

Fresno Bee: Tarkanian is GOP candidate in toss-up Nevada congressional district


OCTOBER 27, 2016

For Danny Tarkanian, maybe the fifth time’s a charm.


It’s been a rocky political road so far for Tarkanian. He made unsuccessful congressional runs in 2004 and 2012, an unsuccessful Nevada Secretary of State run in 2006 and he failed to get out of the Republican primary when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is a toss up and Tarkanian’s supporters – including many in the Fresno area – are hoping this is the year he wins.

A few weeks ago, local businessman Michael Der Manouel Sr. held a backyard fundraiser for Tarkanian in Woodward Lakes. About 70 people attended, as did Tarkanian, Der Manouel said. That event, as well as other contributions, have raised more than $50,000 for Tarkanian, Der Manouel said.

“He understands the water challenges here,” he said, and even though Tarkanian would represent a Nevada district, “he will help” in California.

Der Manouel plans to be with Tarkanian in Nevada on Election Day.