Issues >> Creating Good-Paying Jobs

In Congress, Jacky Rosen will work hard to foster job creation and invest in things that create jobs - like our energy and transportation infrastructure, public and technical schools, and high-tech research. As a computer programmer, Jacky spent her career trying to help people work smarter, not harder, and getting rid of inefficiency. She’ll work to cut wasteful spending, get rid of outdated and burdensome regulations, and fight fraud.

Jacky will work to expand access to capital so our small businesses can grow and thrive. She will also fight to raise the minimum wage from a poverty wage to a livable wage, so that working families can make ends meet.

Jacky supports making higher education more affordable, whether that be advanced skills-training, apprenticeship programs, community college, or a college degree. She’ll work to lower interest rates on student debt, make tuition affordable for working families, and ensure that students have access to the education that will prepare them for the jobs of the future.