Jacky Rosen

“I have been proud to call Southern Nevada home for more than 35 years. Through that time, I built my career as a computer software developer, raised a family, cared for my aging parents and served our community through work I am extremely proud of. I love Southern Nevada and I want to see us grow and thrive, but there are serious challenges holding us back. Our economy is growing, but there are still too few good paying jobs and incomes are not keeping up with the cost of living. We are failing our children with low standards of education and unacceptable graduation rates. We are failing our seniors as the cost of living increases and they can not afford to retire. We are failing in so many ways to carefully plan to protect and provide for our future.

I'm running because I feel that we can take these challenges and turn them into opportunities. Opportunities to invest in solar and renewable energy, protect our environment and reduce utility bills. Opportunities to improve our education, creating a prepared workforce to attract businesses and professionals to come and invest in our community. Opportunities to protect our seniors and their retirement. We need innovation and investment in our community to create a place for our families not to just survive, but to thrive. Washington has just not been listening to the voices of the real people here in Southern Nevada. I look forward to going out, meeting everyone and listening to what matters most to you and bringing your voices...your stories...your concerns to Washington. That's what our community deserves. That's what I plan to do. ”

- Jacky Rosen

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